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 Mod: Decorative Gallows 

This is a Mod for the Game Foundation. It adds a decorative Gallows as building.

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This is a Tutorial that explains step by step how to add a new Decoration Building to Foundation.


First we will take a look at the Tools we are going to use in this Tutorial:

Also there are some important links that i will refer to in the next Steps:

  • FoundationAPI – Here you can find all puplic information about modding for Foundation.
  • Foundation Discord Channel – Here is where most Parts of the Modding Community are active and lots of Question have already been asked there.
  • Blender Documentation – Here you find all information regarding 3D moddeling with Blender

Also we are going to use my Mod Decorative Pond as an example to go trough the Steps. You can download it here.

Now that we got everything we need we can start with the Tutorial.

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 MOD: Decorative Pond 

This is another Mod for the Game Foundation. It adds a pond with stones around it as a new Decoration Building.

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 MOD: Conan Exiles 

This is a Mod i made back in 2016 for the Game Conan Exiles. The Game is based on Unreal Engine.

You can visit the Steam Page to see the full details about the Mod.

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