This is a Mod i made back in 2016 for the Game Conan Exiles. The Game is based on Unreal Engine.

You can visit the Steam Page to see the full details about the Mod.

Here are the Core Features:

——-Tier 4 Demonic Craftsman——
-Adds Forge: Has more slots then the furnance and is able to smelt T4 Materials like Demon Steel
-Adds Grindstone: You can grind different Materials to Dust here, wich is an ingredient for most of the T4 Weapons
-Adds Demon Steel (Made out of 5 Steel and 1 Demon Blood in the Forge)
-Adds Dusts: Iron Dust, Crystal Dust, Coal Dust, Brimstone Dust
-Adds T4 Weapons (see Weapons)
-Adds 9 new Level (51-60)

——Preserving Crate——–
-Adds New Resource: Salt (is a byproduct of Stone like Bark with Wood)
-Adds New Crafting Station: The “Preserving Crate” runs on Salt and makes 1 preserved meat out of any 2 raw Flesh in 30/90/120 seconds depending on the Meat type
-Adds 3 new Food: Preserved Roast, Preserved Steak, Preserved Haunch

—–Cabinet Maker——-
Costs 4 Points and gives 2 recipes (more will follow)
-Adds Cupboard: little less inventory spaces then the large chest (made at the Carpenters Bench)
-Adds Shelf: less space then the cupboard, clips to the wall (made at the Caprenters Bench)

—–Craftsman of Fireplace——
Costs 4 Point and gives 3 recipes (more will follow)
Adds 3 different Fireplaces that can be placed. They behave like Campfires, means u can cook in them.

-Ancient Dagger (Damage 42/65, LVL 38)
-Narsil (Damage 80/100, LVL 43)
-Sword of the Nine (Damage 86/115, LVL 51, T4)
-Arbiters Battleaxe (Damage 80/100, LVL 53, T4)
-Deathbringer (Damage 90/120, LVL 57, T4)
-Painpicker (Damage 78/98, LVL 53, T4)
-Mighty Axe (Damage 83/100, LVL 55, T4)

I dont maintain or develop the Mod any further but it can still be Downloaded.

Language: C++

Programms: Photoshop, Blender, UnrealEngine, Substance

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